We pave the way for turning smart ideas into amazing products.

From sourcing up to market-ready product innovations. Along the entire value chain we are constantly striving to find even better solutions. For this, we are always looking for new concepts. You have a revolutionary idea for the food & beverage industry?
Together we bring ideas to life.

Our focus topics for innovation

What we are looking for

Döhler Idea Challenge

Help to solve current challenges

We have a profound track record of innovations in the food & beverage world, but sometimes there are challenges where we need your support! If your proposal contributes to solving one of the topics, you will be fairly compensated.

Extensive support for your idea

What we are offering

Döhler Idea2Market Solutions

You have an idea, we deliver the Idea2Market solution! Our complete know-how and global resources are at your disposal to offer tailored solutions that fit exactly to your business needs. Together we navigate your idea to success:

Product & application know-how
Regulatory services
Enabling technologies & scale-up
Worldwide raw material access
Supply chain solutions
Consumer & market intelligence
Financial support
Global network

Döhler Idea Lab

You want to have an expert opinion on your food & beverage idea? Describe your idea to us, and we will give you feedback upon potential roadblocks, interesting partners, or ideally we are interested in pursuing your idea together with you.

Connect your expertise

We do not have all the answers, but we can connect you to someone who does. Our innovation network includes:

  • Academia
  • Independent industry experts
  • Suppliers

If you are interested to join the circle, we would be happy to discuss with you. Besides further members to our innovation network we are always looking for entrepreneurial-minded people with passion for the food & beverage industry to work with us.

Connect with us

Who we are and what we do

About Döhler

Döhler is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the global food, beverage and nutrition industry.

Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, Döhler is active in over 160 countries and has 45 production sites, as well as 75 offices and application centres on every continent. At Döhler, smart ideas have a way of becoming great products. Starting with nature and cutting-edge technology we are all about creating true customer and consumer value.

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We bring ideas to life.

Our Philosophy

Döhler Ventures

We partner with entrepreneurs

We bring your ideas to life.

Connect with us

We don’t have formal procedures on our Innovation Platform, just get connected. Be it your innovative idea, a solution to our challenge or an investment proposal, we will gladly receive a short summary including the following:

  • Brief description of your idea/solution/project/investment proposal
  • What is the innovative element?
  • What is the benefit of your idea for customers and consumers?
  • How do you envision Döhler’s involvement in the project?